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Title: Way to go, Tony!
Post by: Vivian on November 19, 2004, 09:16:02 PM
He was on Wind Tunnel last night and I enjoyed the talk.

Now the proud owner of Eldora Speedway and will keep it the same type of "happening" the fans are used to.  Thanks, Tony.  When some fan asked about him racing for fun like Kenny Shrader, he said he does, but does not always advertise it because he just wants to hang out with the other local racers without a big thing being made of him being there.

Speed showed us his baby monkey, MoJo and Tony talked about him.  Said he was like a race car that went super fast and then when he shut down, he was out for the night.  Also talked about racing Greyhounds and then how they are retired and taken care of.  I do know a lot of Greyhounds are mistreated but it sounds like the 60 he owns are treated great.  

This was just a great side of Tony to see.  Totally different than when he is in a stock car or at the track.

Title: Way to go, Tony!
Post by: old hot rodder on November 22, 2004, 09:48:25 PM
Vivian, this news was the #3 item on my list of great sports related news this weekend. I'm really happy about this because Tony, like him or not, is a racer and will do a great job with Eldora Speedway.
 Oh since you asked, (LOL), the other big news was:
     OSU 37- Mich. 21!!!!
      Greg wins the race and Kurt wins the Cup! A great day for Roush Racing. Would have loved to see Mark win, though.
  Dick :D