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Title: Interestinng info
Post by: Vivian on November 15, 2004, 11:50:41 PM
Just found this and thought I would post it in case anyone is interested.

ESPN Classic celebrates the career of NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt, as they build up to the debut of the EOE movie "3", beginning on Wednesday, December 1, at 9:00pm/et. Every night for six nights ESPN Classic will air a fantastic Dale Earnhardt race at 9:00pm/et. Then Thursday, December 9, to Saturday, December 11, ESPN Classic will televise the "3 Days of Dale" which will feature around-the-clock airings of his greatest NASCAR and IROC races, as well as shows/documentaries that pay tribute to the career of the immortal "Intimidator".(ESPN.com)(11-13-2004)

Seems like an awful lot of stuff to build up to a movie but guess it will boost some ratings and might get people to watch the movie.  I did see a short program on the filming of it last week.  For some reason, I can't decide if I will watch the movie or not.  For some reason (I have never felt this way about anyone else being portrayed) I almost feel that it will be an insult to Dale.  Yes, I have lost my mind.  But I feel like they will never do the man or his life justice.  JMO.  Jr said he is looking forward to it but I don't know how Teresa feels.  Don says he will watch it.  I might have to send him somewhere else if I decide not to.