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Title: IWC
Post by: Vivian on March 09, 2004, 09:59:08 PM
Watched IWC last night and it was good to have all 3 regulars back on with Alan.  Also Carl Edwards is one of my favorites so it was great to see him on the Hot Seat.  I thought that Mikey was rather subdued and was really watching what he said, especially in reference to the Sauter incident.  I think he knows what fans think and maybe he was trying not to overstep his position.  Also, he will be in the booth for the truck broadcast this Saturday and I can't remember how he did last time but I sure hope he is an asset to the broadcast.
Any comments?

Title: Michael on Truck Races
Post by: Cheryl on March 10, 2004, 01:29:52 PM
Inside Winston Cup was really good on Monday.  I like Carl Edwards too.  He really seems like a genuinely nice kid.  When he and cousin, Ken Schrader, were bonding, it got pretty funny with Michael saying something about "Are you going to have a ciggarette now?"  Johnny was in the process of asking Carl a questions and totally lost it after that comment.  

I thought Michael did an excellent job with the broadcast from Daytona.  He really stayed focused and did a professional job.  Unlike his sibling...

I'm happy to see Speed keep Phil Parsons in the booth as well.  He always did a good job on ESPN.  Now if they could just get rid of Rick Allen... :wink:


Title: IWC
Post by: maxcres on March 10, 2004, 04:48:50 PM
Speaking of IWC, did anybody see when they reached the topic of Mr. Wreckilepsy and Ken said "I see some DNF's in his future"?.  Cheryl, your right about Michael Waltrip and his commentary during the truck race, I thought he did really well.  He was really astute in his observations and conducted himself as somebody who is not caught up in himself, unlike JAWS. But, there's always a but isn't there, why do they(the waltrips) have to sing as if I tune for that. During IWC, while they were at the Q and A part of the segment, he starts to sing some song. Schrader breaks in and answers the question and they moved on. In essence, Schrader was to Michael as Larry Mac was to JAWS.

Title: IWC
Post by: sally on March 10, 2004, 10:39:42 PM
Max,  Schrader is pretty good a slapping Mikey into place when he gets carried away.  As far as the singing, I haven't a clue.  I still wish they would go back to the old format of having everyone behind the desk together.  Make it seem homier that way.

Title: IWC
Post by: Cheryl on March 10, 2004, 11:53:48 PM
The Waltrip boys singing on TV goes WAY back.  I feel it has absolutely no place on a race broadcast or IWC.  

But I actually have Michael on tape from about 1990.  He actually sang a country song live (with the house band) on the non-defunct show, Nashville Now on TNN.  

This is back when I really, really liked Michael a lot and that's why I taped it.  Long before his ego got too big for his helmet.  I haven't looked at the tape in years, but he was not too terrible.  I won't say he was good, but he was actually serious in singing on that show.  They also showed some clip of DW singing some Hee-haw type song dressed as a woman from years before.