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Title: not to mention oil !!!!
Post by: Smallblock bored on November 01, 2004, 06:08:25 AM
# 42 car J. MaC.  got nothing to menton his front run showing. Was an oil company thing ? Oh I dought that very much, there is nothing going on in todays society that would suggest a big money run on what we see,eat and smell why would oil companies have a say on anything when oattention is so diverted by make believe flu that would inflict hardly anyone if we were not so fast fod sheep. But what does oil, health and money have to do with commercialism any way? It's not like AT&T Merged with Cingular just to sponsor a cup car next year, they did it to get back on the wagon for the big cosmic disaster that' coming. Well thats what the guy diggin' the ditch in front of my house said. But I don't think so... I think it's because of the.......oh i'm sorry why was the42 car not mentioned? Oil companies? Hardly! what a commercial joke we shall suffer in the next three races!