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Title: Las Vegas results
Post by: Lou on March 06, 2018, 12:22:21 AM
Despite not liking the Las Vegas track, Cheryl somehow managed to win this week, with 277 points.  Diane was just 18 points back in 2nd.  Bill and Rita had a photo finish for 3rd place, 36 points back.  Vicki was 5th.  Clay and Keith finished at the back of the pack 92 and 100 points behind Cheryl.  With the win, Cheryl was able to retake the YTD lead.  Bill remains in 2nd, only 29 points back.  Keith drops to 3rd YTD, now 84 points back.  Next week, we'll be racing at Phoenix.  Thanks to everyone for playing!

race results - http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/Results/2018/Week3_LasVegas.html (http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/Results/2018/Week3_LasVegas.html)
standings - http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/standings1.html (http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/standings1.html)

I'm going to work on some way for us all to better know what our team from the previous race was to make things a bit simpler for us all. Might take a bit more time but hang in there !