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Title: Phoenix results
Post by: Lou on November 14, 2017, 02:03:27 AM
Well the Funk Express has become a bullet train, winning the 2nd week in a row, this week with 274 points.  Congratulations Clay!   Vicki was 2nd, 34 points back, Desmond was 3rd, 49 points back, and Keith was 4th, 51 points back.  Cheryl seems to have been derailed, finishing last, 104 points back.  While Keith retains the 2nd Half YTD lead, Vicki has now closed to within 42 points in 2nd.  Clay's win allowed him to jump up to 3rd, now 127 points back.  Bill falls to 4th, 153 points back.  The rest of us are also-rans.  So it's down to just ONE race in the season!  Can Vicki catch Keith?  Can Clay keep his winning streak going and possibly overtake Vicki for 2nd.  Stay tuned!  Our fantasy will probably have more drama that the actual NASCAR Championship next week at Homestead.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing! 

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