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Title: Chicago Results!!!
Post by: Lou on September 18, 2017, 09:09:35 PM
First off, I want to thank you all again for your patience over the last two weeks.  And a special thanks to Bill, Vicki, Keithy and Clay for sticking with us for the rest of the season.  It looks like we have the truly dedicated players only sticking with us. Vicki was able to pull out from a tight battle this week to get the win with 240 points.  Clay was just tick behind with 233 points and Keith finished in 3rd with 231 points.  Even though Cheryl and Lou did not have the same drivers, somehow they tied for 4th with 217 points.  Bill was 6th with 213 points.  Unfortunately, Diane and Desmond were not able to get their teams in before this race.  Hopefully, they will join us in the future.  Until then, Keith was able to take over the 2nd Half YTD lead and Vicki moved up to 2nd, just 56 points behind.  Diane drops to 3rd, now 158 back and Bill is 4th, 164 points back.  Despite strong finishes this week, Clay, Cheryl and Lou and running way down in the standings.  Again, we can't thank you enough for sticking wish us.  Next up, another boring track at New Hampshire. 

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