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Title: Bristol results
Post by: Lou on August 23, 2017, 11:48:14 PM
Woo-hoo!!!  Diane  is a on a roll!  With the win in our group this week and her 5th win in the 2nd Half, she now stands 12th in the entire universe!  Awesome job, Diane!  Bill was 2nd this week, 9 points back and 57th in the nation.  Keith was a strong 3rd, just 14 back and 71st in the nation.  Cheryl seems to have got swept up in all the wrecks at Bristol and DNFd, finishing last in our group.  The standings remain the same, but Diane has lengthened her lead over Keith, now by 73 points YTD.  Good job everyone!  You'll have a week vacation to rest up for the Lady in Black in two weeks!  Thanks for playing!

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