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Title: Michigan results
Post by: Lou on June 22, 2017, 01:55:23 AM
Diane got the win in our group this week and was #1 in the entire universe!  Awesome job, Diane!  Her sister, Vicki, was just 6 points back in 2nd and placed 33rd in the nation.  Clay and the Funk Express continue steaming right ahead, with a 3rd place finish this week, 99th in the nation and just 26 points behind Diane.  Despite a mediocre finish this week, Lou keeps his stranglehold on the YTD lead and with only one race left in the 1st half of the season, it looks unlikely anyone can catch him.  Desmond remains 2nd, but is now 38 points back.  Vicki remains in 3rd and closes up a bit as she is now only 41 points back.  After her mid-season surge, Cheryl continues to drop like a rock.  With her win, Diane passes her for 5th YTD.  Keith continues his fall as he continues in last and is now 558 points behind Lou.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Just to mix up things in the last race of the 1st half, we move to the twisty-turns of Sears Point this weekend.  Good luck to all!

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