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Title: Dover Results
Post by: Lou on June 08, 2017, 12:10:15 AM
Bill finally gets a big W this season! A nice 25th in the world ranking too! Good job Bill! He beat out Diane by just 8 points, but that's all he needed. Vicki is trying to get back to the top and came home in third, just 11 behind Bill and jumping over Cheryl for 3rd YTD. Desmond grabbed 4th and then there were the rest of us. Sadly, Keith sits in last place again and is narrowly ahead of Clay for the overall YTD bottom of the standings position. Odds are that they will switch spots next race. Only 3 more races left in the first half with Pocono next on the schedule. Good luck everyone and thanks for playing.

Race results - http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/Results/2017/Week13_Dover.html (http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/Results/2017/Week13_Dover.html)

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