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Title: Kansas results
Post by: Lou on May 17, 2017, 12:33:17 AM
Desmond put a whopping on us all at Kansas. A comanding 30 point margin over Lou, with Clay 33 back in third. Vicki grabbed 4th and Bill got 5th. Good job Desmond! Your big win leapfrogged you over Cheryl and Vicki in the standings to go from 4th place to being in 2nd place overall - 134 points back of Lou. Vicki stayed in 3rd place but Cheryl dropped from 2nd to 4th with her poor finish. Clay's good race helped him gain points on Keith but he stilll holds down last place in the standings. With Keith's recent bad luck, one more race might be all Clay needs to drop Keith to the bottom! Everyone take a week off! We'll be back in action for the Coke 600 race!

Race results - http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/Results/2017/Week11_Kansas.html (http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/Results/2017/Week11_Kansas.html)

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