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Title: Richmond results
Post by: Lou on May 03, 2017, 02:24:55 PM
Well Cheryl is have definitely got her groove back, scoring her 3rd win in a row and 16th in the nation this week.  Desmond was 2nd, 12 points back, and Bill had a strong 3rd place finish, 19 points back.  Keith and Vicki had a photo finish this week.  Unfortunately it was for last place.  Her win, coupled with Vicki's stumble has allowed Cheryl to pass Vicki and move into 2nd YTD, now just 104 points behind Lou.  He better watch out as Cheryl will soon draft by him for the lead like a tandem at Talladega.  Speaking of Talladega, it's coming up next Sunday, so I'm sure our standings will have a big shake-up after that crapshoot.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing!

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