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Title: Phoenix results
Post by: Lou on March 21, 2017, 10:03:17 PM
Diane used pit strategy to steal the win from Lou this week and get 38th in the nation.  Awesome job, Diane!  Lou was just two points back in 2nd and 45th in the nation  Desmond was 28 behind Diane in 3rd in our group and 148th in the nation.  Vicki faltered just a bit this week, getting a photo finish with Bill for 4th, 35 behind her sister, Diane.  While Cheryl wasn't last this week, her bad luck continues.  But she did at least beat Clay who brought last place this week.  Lou's strong 2nd place finish, coupled with Vicki's 4th allows Lou to increase his lead over Vicki YTD.  Diane's win allows her to draft past Desmond into 3rd YTD, 71 points out of the lead.  Desmond drops to 4th, 77 points back.  Clay's DNF this week allows Cheryl to pass him and move up into 7th YTD.  We have a real tight battle for last place now.  :- )  Just one more boring west coast race next week at  Cali-bore-ya.  Thanks to everyone for playing!

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