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Title: Las Vegas results
Post by: Lou on March 13, 2017, 06:00:21 PM
Vicki is on a roll!  She won her 2nd consecutive race this week, finishing 84th in the naton!  Awesome job, Vicki!  Lou was just a bit behind in 2nd, 4 points back and 90th in the nation.  Filling out the podium was Keith in 3rd, 12 points back and 109th in the nation.  Cheryl and Clay appeared to get into it at the end battling for last, but Clay prevailed, beating Cheryl by 5 points.  Thankfully no fisticuffs occurred afterwards in the pits.  Lou maintains the YTD lead, but with her win this week, Vicki edges ever closer.  She is now only 16 points behind Lou in 2nd.  Desmond maintains 3rd posiiton, 51 points back.  Diane stays in 4th, but Keith is closing in on her from 5th, just one point back now.  Clay's 7th place finish this week drops him back to 6th YTD.  Bill moves from last to 7th YTD and Cheryl drops to last YTD.  She decided to give everyone else a head start this week, so when NASCAR gets to some good tracks, she can make a miraculous comeback.  ;-)  Thanks to everyone for playing.  Next week, another boring west coast track at Phoenix. 

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