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Title: Kansas results
Post by: Lou on October 19, 2016, 12:18:51 AM
After a bad week last week, Vicki comes back with a vengence this week to get the win and 5th in the entire universe!  Fabulous job, Vicki!!!!  Keith was distant 2nd in our group, 46 points back and 92nd in the nation.  Cheryl was 51 points back in 3rd and 105th in the nation.  Apparently, our former leader, Desmond, got caught up in a big wreck and dropped down to 2nd YTD, now 48 points behind Vicki.  Cheryl remains in 3rd, 94 points out of the lead.  Bill remains in 4th, gaining a few points and is now 168 back.  Keith also gained a few points on his wife, and is now 176 back in 5th.  Lou's quest to get back to the top ends this week, as he loses 10 more points to the leader, and is now 280 out.  Clay's downhill spiral continues, as his 8th place finish coupled with Diane's strong 4th place this week, drops his to 8th overall, now 430 points back.  Diane moves up to 7th, 417 back.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Next up,  the ultimate crapshoot for fantasy league teams:  Talladega!!!

race - http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/Results/2016/Week31_Kansas.html (http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/Results/2016/Week31_Kansas.html)

standings - http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/standings2.html (http://www.speedcouch.com/fantasyleague/standings2.html)