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Title: Kentucky results
Post by: Lou on July 11, 2016, 05:35:02 PM
Clay is ON it in the 2nd half!  He got the win in our group this week and 30th in the entire nation!  Imagine if he hadn't missed the Daytona 500!  Cheryl was just 9 points behind in 2nd and Keith a bit farther back in 3rd in our group.  Unfortunately Lou seems to have been swept in a wreck with all the rookies and DNFd this week.  Whoops!  Vicki and Bill had a photo finish back in 7th this week.  With his strong finish last week and win this week, Clay takes over the 2nd Half YTD lead in our group and is 63rd in the nation!  Awesome job, Clay!  Desmond drops to 2nd YTD, but is only 7 points out of the lead.  Richie remains in 3rd, but is only 10 points back now.  Bill drops to 4th, but is only 21 back.  Vicki is 5th, but is now 48 points behind Clay.  Cheryl moves up to 6th, 64 back; Keith is WAY back in 7th, 70 points back; Diane is 8th, 85 back.  Lou is barely hanging onto the pack at the tailend in 9th, 160 points out of the lead.  But it's a long season, so anything can happen.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Next week onto New Hamp-bore-ya!

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