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Title: Daytona results
Post by: Lou on July 04, 2016, 06:43:48 PM
Although it looked like a few of us got swept up in the Big One, Desmond stayed out of trouble and got the win this week and 40th in the entire nation!  Awesome job, Desmond!  Bill continues his streak of strong finishes when he's actually AT Daytona, finishing 2nd and only 11 points out of the lead. Must be some insider information he learned while there.  The Birthday Boy also places 61st in the nation!  Richie was 3rd and just 20 points back in our group and 85th in the nation.  Good job to all of you!  Looks like Cheryl and Lou fell victims of all the carnage, finishing in the last two spots in our group.  So with his win this week, Desmond has the 2nd Half YTD Lead!  Great job!  Next week, we're onto what has traditionally been a boring track in Kentucky.  Perhaps the repaving and addition of some banking will help, but that remains to be seen.  Thanks to everyone for joining for the 2nd Half of the Speedcouch Fantasy League season! 

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