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Title: Kentucky results
Post by: Lou on July 13, 2015, 11:13:45 PM
Looks like the aero changes suited Lou who got the win in our group and an amazing 6th in the nation!  Great job, Lou!  Keith was just 2 points behind in 2nd and 10th in the nation.  Cheryl finished 3rd, but was a distant 23 points back.  Despite her mediocre finish, Cheryl surges ahead to the 2nd Half YTD lead, with Bill now in 2nd, just 7 points back and Richie in 3rd, just 12 points behind Cheryl.  Keith is till taking it a little easy, but his strong finish this week moves him to up 4th YTD.  Looks like he is still just toying with the rest of us, waiting to pounce when we aren't expecting it.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Unfortunetly, we have another boring track next week at NH.