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Title: Daytona results
Post by: Lou on July 07, 2015, 12:47:57 AM
Richie stayed up all night to get the win this week at Daytona and 23rd in nation!  Awesome job, Richie!  Despite my premature calling of it, Bill didn't win (sorry Buddy, I think I'm getting dslexic in my old age), but you did finish 2nd in our group and only 3 points behind Richie.  Cheryl was 3rd, 10 points back.  Looks like Keith is going to spot us mere mortals at the beginning of 2nd half, as he only finished 6th this week. That's okay, I'm sure he'll catch back up to the field quickly.  Unfortunately, Matt and Jamie didn't get their teams picked for the 2nd Half, so they both had a DNS this week.  Thanks to everyone returning for the 2nd half and lets see if we can all give Keith a run for his money this half!  On to boring Kentucky next week.  Although after the Daytona finish, maybe we need to calm down a bit.