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Title: Michigan results
Post by: Lou on June 17, 2015, 12:55:02 AM
What an awesome job by Vicki! Number 1 in the entire planet, taking the win in style this week! Way to go Vicki, bragging rights in the household for a week! Ryan probably thought he had a great week until Vicki showed up. Still, he grabs 2nd place, ahead of Ritchie, that pesky Keith, and Desmond. Bill had a great week last week but found the outhouse this time. Let's just forget about the YTD leader, Keith has it by 500 miles, but we have a great battle for the top 5. Desmond moved to 2nd, Bill dropped to 3rd, Cheryl dropped to 5th, and Richie moved up to 4th. All are capable of finishing the 1st half of the season in 2nd place. We're off for a week before the next race.  Thanks for playing, we'll talk to you soon!