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Title: Dover results
Post by: Lou on June 01, 2015, 11:44:46 PM
Matt survived the G/W/C to get the win in our group this week and an amazing 14th in the entire universe!  Fantastic job, Matt!!!  There was a photo finish for 2nd between Hannah and Lou, just 11 points behind Matt.  Keith finished WAY back in 4th this week, 21 points back.  Unfortunately, it looks like Keith's untouchable in the 1st half, so it's a race for 2nd place now.  Bill remains in 2nd, 186 back, but Desmond is just 2 points behind Bill in 3rd and 188 behind Keith.  Lou's strong finish coupled with Cheryl's team's total self-destruction allowed Lou to jump back up to 5th place YTD, but we're all so far behind the top 3, I don't think it's possible to catch the top 3 at all.  Next weekend, we go to the most unique track on the NA$CAR circuit, Pocono.  Thanks to everyone for playing!!!