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Title: Talladega results finally online
Post by: Lou on May 08, 2015, 01:26:04 AM
Sorry for the delay, but Jim who runs the Collective Racing site didn't have the scores up until today.  Apparently he was so busy celebrating his own 1st victory in the nation that he forgot to check the site.  ;-)  Meanwhile in our group,  Desmond survived the carnage and boredom to bring home to win this week and 200th in the nation and his 1st win this season!  Good job, Desmond!  Keith was 2nd, just 13 points back.  Bill was 3rd, 22 points back.  Keith retains his stranglehold on the YTD lead, but Desmond's win allowed him to close in a bit.  He is now 134 points back in 2nd YTD, and Bill remains in 3rd, 162 points back.  Cheryl's mediocre finish did allow her to move past Lou and Richie into 5th YTD, but she's still a dismal 186 points behind Keith.  Damn him!  ;-)  Next we move onto one of the most boring tracks on the circuit, Kansas.  Thanks to everyone for playing!