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Title: Richmond and Chicgo Results!
Post by: Lou on September 20, 2013, 12:32:50 PM
Finally. The Richmond results were only posted on by Collective Racing a day before the Chicago race. Anyway, here are both of them so we're caught up!

Sorry for the long delay.  Jim did not have the results up until last Friday and we were traveling when they were available.  Desmond won Richmond with a 70th in the nation!  Good job, Desmond!  Cheryl and Matt tied for 2nd, 19 points back and Richie was 4th, 22 points back. 

Lou stayed awake long enough to get the win Sunday night at Chicago.  Cheryl was 2nd, just 4 points behind.  Bill was 3rd, 15 points behind Lou.  Lou maintains a tenuously hold on the 2nd half YTD lead, but Cheryl is right on his bumper, just 10 points back.  Desmond remains  in 2nd, 67 points back.  Thanks to everyone for your patience with us not getting the last two race scores up right away.  We promise we'll try to do better in the future.  As always, thanks for playing!

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