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Title: Make it Stop!
Post by: Cheryl on March 22, 2010, 03:28:25 PM
I simply just cannot stand the sound of DW's voice these days!  He needs to realize that he hasn't been in a car in nearly a decade and stop ruining every broadcast with his reminiscing.  Made me listen to PRN most of the day for audio.

I turned on the broadcast just as the National Anthem was sung (I NEVER watch any Fox pre-race anymore).  When they first showed the three in the announcer's booth, you could clearly see "Godaddy" logos covering on their monitors.  This pretty much set the tone for much of the broadcast - numerous useless in-car shots from the godaddy car and innudating us with their commercials constantly!  Fox has pretty much turned every race into an infomercial for THEIR sponsors! 

While PRN describes side-by-side racing, Fox showed single cars most of the time.  At least two times, when drivers were pursuing the leader, Fox didn't bother to show them until they were passing the leader.  Is this race coverage???

Bristol is one of the more action-packed events of the year and every year Fox shows more commericals than racing.  At least two times that I can remember they were at commercial when the caution came out and they just stayed away for an extended period while PRN was telling us what was happening.

Also, there were WAY too many "race recaps" as usual on Fox.  Oh yeah that's right, those viewers tuning in late are always more important than those who watch the entire broadcast.


Title: Re: Make it Stop!
Post by: super61 on March 22, 2010, 09:50:15 PM
amen sister!! this was one of the rare sundays i was home and decided to post up and tune in... shoulda got in the car and drove somewhere and listened on the radio. between godaddy, dw, digger, countless recaps, i wanted to just scream!!! obviuosly the eight simple-minded fans who somewho managed to send emails to fox have more pull than the other 3 million who cannot deal with this crappy coverage

my two pesos

Title: Re: Make it Stop!
Post by: Desmond on May 01, 2010, 05:42:03 PM
I haven't posted here in weeks, but I had to comment on Cheryl's mention of race recaps.  

As I understand it, the "race breaks" are supposed to be the equivalent of the halftime or intermission report in the stick-and-ball sports, with Chris Myers and Jeff Hammond of course playing the role of studio hosts.  But in NASCAR racing, the nature of the event does not lend to an exact comparison.

It's especially absurd if the "breaks" are during green-flag racing, as may have been the case at Bristol a few weeks back, which is what this thread is about.

UPDATE: Last Monday night at the Daytona 500, it got worse.  The race had a full-fledged, sponsored "midrace report" that involved all the talent on site.  Even Mike Joy, who was supposed to call the action, participated with his back turned to the race. :-[

Oh, and that wasn't all.  This year, Hammond has been given a computer model of a car to explain problems that drivers are having.  The demonstration took place with about 60 laps to go, on a full screen.  That means there was no split screen to show the action or even a ticker on the screen! :-[  At least ESPN does both during Tim Brewer's demonstrations with a real car. :)