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Title: Banquet
Post by: Cheryl on December 07, 2009, 02:56:16 PM
Man! Talk about wasting the fan's time for 2 1/4 hours! I don't tune into see musical acts and comedians (though Brooks and Dunn were good, but the sound sucked).

After an hour of review after review of the season by SPEED and seeing "the countdown clock" to the banquet in the background, I got tired of wasting my time and watched something actually entertaining on USA.

Hit record on the dvr, and set it for an extra hour to ensure I saw the end.  Watched the recording Saturday morning.  Presentations by the drivers were better than usual, but why oh why, does TV/NA$CAR think they need to interject music and comedians in between them???  I can't believe the drivers enjoyed that crap and I know I sure didn't.

Thanks a lot SPEED...how many race fans on the east coast can stay up till after 2am on a Friday night???

Why is it Jimmy Johnson seems to get the least amount of time to give his speech every year?  It it was Tony Stewart, I'm sure they'd allow a lot more time.  Is it that he chooses to cut his speech short or what?