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Title: Best Lines of the Weekend
Post by: Cheryl on August 04, 2009, 01:58:23 PM
During the Busch race from Iowa, Randy Lajoie said the best description I've heard to describe the plague of start and parkers this season.  He called them NASCAR's version of "cash for klunkers."   :laugh:  That is SO true!  I counted 6 cars that parked early in the Cup race yesterday (when they only had 43 attempt to qualify).  Lost count of how many parked in the truck and Busch races though.

You can always count on Randy to not worry about being politically correct and I think that is great!

Speaking of not being PC.  Did anyone catch what Kyle Petty said during the ARCA race when trying to compliment female driver Allie Owens?  He was talking about a lot of the diversity and female drivers not being that good, but "this chick" is for real.  Talk about not PC!  Another funny moment by a true personality who can get away with saying something like that on TV.   :laugh: