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Title: Great Race
Post by: Cheryl on August 04, 2009, 11:40:20 AM
Lou and I really enjoyed the race from Pocono when we got home from work last night.  I don't think I've heard Lou get so emotional about a Cup race in quite a while.  Unfortunately it was because the eventual winner just plowed David Reutimann and collected Marcos in the process.  Then he was asking why Hamlin wasn't getting penalized like Robby Gordon and David Stremme.  While I agreed with Lou wholeheartedly, I knew it would never happen.  Why is it so easy for NA$CAR to penalized irrelevant drivers like R. Gordon and Stremme but not someone driving for Gibbs and Toyota.  Because they are the gravy train for BF?  

And I guarantee you the media will never, ever mention Hamlin taking out those two drivers.  It's all "happy, happy" for them.  That just stinks IMHO...

I swear if Kahne hadn't backed off and let Montoya recover after he got into him, Kahne might have been up their contending for the win.  He's just too nice... :angel: