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Title: Credit Where Credit is Due
Post by: Cheryl on May 26, 2009, 12:26:18 PM
During all of the rain delays on Sunday and yesterday, Lou and I listened to David Hoots (race director) through the scanner on Trackpass.  I was extremely impressed yesterday that he did everything in his power to try and get a full race in for the fans.  Several times, he called to refuel the jet dryers to get them back out there when the rain stopped.  Unfortunately at the end, they were fighting a losing battle.  I really give them credit for their efforts for the the fans who spent a lot of money to travel to Charlotte, on tickets and accommodations for the weekend.  I've been in that position several times at Charlotte and know they didn't try nearly as hard back in 2003 the last time I was there for the 600.

For once, I have only positive things to say about NASCAR and yesterday was certainly a step in the right direction in really caring about the fans - not just giving the typical lip-serve like they have the last few years.  Maybe their meeting today with drivers and owners will find some other ways to improve the experience for the fans - the ones who have really made the sport what it is today.