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Title: Speed shoots down sponsor for Johnny Benson
Post by: drpep (brian) on April 01, 2009, 11:39:15 PM
 Johnny Benson's truck series team, Red Horse Racing, had a gun maker lined up as a sponsor. Speed/FOX, although not mentioned by name, said not good. If they sign the sponsor Speed/FOX said they will not mention or show the truck. Now I dosed off during a deeper explanation for the reason why but basically FOX and ABC have certain guidelines for advertisers that they will not accept, such as porn. These guidelines include showing sponsorships of sports teams. I do believe if Benson was leading the race he would be shown as the networks can find creative ways to show the truck without clearly showing the sponsor logo such a a tight shot.
  Sirius Speedway had ARCA team owner Jeff Spraker on today. He told of having Glock Firearms as a sponsor last year. During the Daytona ARCA race the team had an in car camera. Glock was thrilled with the exposure. After the race the network came to Spraker and said never again. They could keep the sponsor but in no way could they have an in car camera. Spraker said ARCA and NASCAR had NO problem with the sponsor it was the network. Glock left the sport because they realized their return on investment would not be acceptable if they were not shown.
 I'm suprised John Daly has not put this in his blog as he was interviewed on Sirius Speedway, the part were I dozed off.