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Title: The Rusty
Post by: Vivian on August 30, 2004, 04:41:03 PM
announcement was a total wipeout as far as tv was concerned.  It started, then left, then came back with very low volumn, then showed a few things lost the music and voice volumn for quite a period.  Did get to hear Rusty and then lost the volumn off and on until about half through Bill Jr's remarks.  A couple of times after that, it went in and out.  Don't know if it was just my reception or not.  I sure hope they show the whole thing in entirety again so I can hear all the background music which was low volumn and hear everything Weber had to say plus all of Bill Jr.

Desmond, did you hear it all?

Title: The Rusty
Post by: marrtinigirl on August 30, 2004, 05:00:12 PM
Did the same thing to me, Viv, and then they finally cut away to go to a Bowflex informercial.  How irritating.