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Title: Hot Pass Free?
Post by: Cheryl on February 16, 2009, 02:33:36 PM
Hmm....just saw this on Jayksi.  Those with DirecTV might want to check it out.  I didn't see this on Sunday, but will check it out in the future:

"NASCAR HotPass is FREE in 2009
Feel every thunderous turn of the 2009 Sprint Cup Series with 4 driver channels, compliments of DIRECTV:
* Each Driver Channel focuses on one driver throughout the race
* See the network broadcast and video from the driver's in-car camera on one screen
* Listen to the broadcast network audio and the driver's team audio.
NASCAR HotPass has been reformatted for 2009, but still has many of the same features as previous seasons. Some features have changed and are no longer available.(DIRECTV.com)(2-14-2009)"

Wonder if you can still actually turn off the Fox squawk box or not?


Title: Re: Hot Pass Free?
Post by: Desmond on February 16, 2009, 06:31:32 PM
Nope.  There are no audio options or other ways to use a button to manipulate the coverage.  What DirecTV gives you is all you can see on the screen.

Although, there are no longer any dedicated announcers.

Title: Re: Hot Pass Free?
Post by: Cheryl on February 21, 2009, 06:23:27 PM
We didn't check this out at all last week since we had a houseful of people, but just read a thread about what it's like on dbstalk.com.  Not very good news at all.  Fox feed is on at all times and supposedly you can barely hear the scanners from drivers/teams (what a surprise).  Also, they go away from the scanners entirely when TV goes to commericals during cautions.  As several posters pointed out, cautions are when you hear much of the chatter between the driver and crew, and so that's now missing totally.  Also, I believe this is only available if you have HD service (mpeg 4 receivers), so that's leaving out a lot of people.

Guess you get what you pay for when it is free... >:(