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Title: nascar, et al.
Post by: super61 on February 16, 2009, 05:52:12 AM
today was the last nascar race i will view, listen to, attend, period. i am not bashing a driver here.  there are clearly two sets of rules nascar operates by. the ones they use for the "stars" and the rules for he rest of the field. the events of the nationwide race and the sprint cup race that led to one driver being admonished for rough driving and the poster boy not punished for the same crime. jr was called out by the broadcast team until they went to a break during the rain delay and then they recanted and backed jr. between the bable in the booth and the lack of balls in the nascar head office to make a decision and stand by it, i am done with all this CRAP!!! i will jump in periodically to chat and say hello, update you all on how our racing season is going.


Title: Re: nascar, et al.
Post by: Cheryl on February 16, 2009, 02:36:33 PM
Unfortunately, NA$CAR is never going to penalize one of their "stars."  They never have and they never will.  When they penalized Leffler in the Busch race on Saturday, I said to Lou "It's so easy to make an example out of a Busch regular, but it would never happen if it was one of the "bigger" names." 


Title: Re: nascar, et al.
Post by: Desmond on February 16, 2009, 06:23:13 PM
Ken is right.  One set of rules for the big stars, another for everyone else. :(

I still don't get what the "rough driving" was in Saturday's race which led to the five-lap penalty.