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Title: NASCAR 39/10 review
Post by: Desmond on January 09, 2009, 06:13:39 PM
Speed debuted NASCAR 39/10 on Wednesday and Thursday.  The limited series consists of 30 hours of re-packaged race coverage, divided into 10 three-hour episodes.  Each episode covers all the races in a particular month.  The February races were on Wed. and the March races on Thur.

Here's what I think of the shows so far:
*Brilliant editing of film and videotape footage of the races
*Adam Alexander introduced the segments well
*Great use of behind-the-scenes interviews for additional perspective

On the other hand:
*Too much preview material for a "review" show
*Episodes are too long

The T. Taylor Warren feature almost made me cry, knowing that he died in October and we'll never see him at Daytona again. :'(

Title: Re: NASCAR 39/10 review
Post by: Cheryl on January 21, 2009, 05:27:58 PM
I recorded one episode of this show last week when I was home sick (month of April races).  I tried to watch it, but the beginning was nothing but a complete rebroadcast of Raceday and then the opening from the Fox telecast.  Couldn't stomach all the talking heads (Spencer/K. Wallace, DW), so I deleted it after ff'ding through a lot of it.  If there was anything from NASCAR Images in there, it was too far in to hold my attention.