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Title: Awards Banquet on ESPN Classic
Post by: Cheryl on December 08, 2008, 02:07:27 PM
I had heard that this was tape-delayed by TV the last couple of years, but frankly I don't think I watched it last year at all.  But since I was looking at the schedule on Sirius NASCAR radio for Claire B. Lang's show, I did see that MRN would cover the banquet begininng at 8 p.m. Friday.  So I knew TV was delaying it a bit, but what Lou and I found Friday evening was just absurd!  The banquet was delayed about 90 minutes from what was on MRN on Sirius/XM.  How insulting to the viewers that ESPN had the nerve to put up a graphic all night long saying "LIVE!"  What a joke!  Then Richard Petty actually admit he's been told to "stall" at the beginning as well.  Even more absurd!  When TV would go to commercial, we'd flip over to XM to see how was speaking.  The drivers were pretty much about 5-7 postions ahead of what TV was showing. 

I do think Dr. Punch did an excellent job as MC!  I still see absolutely no reason for a comedian or band, but this year, they weren't too bad, just simply unnecessary.  Still all of this stuff added to the 90 minute delay.  In the end, we recorded the championship presentation and simply watched it on Sat morning.  People on the east coast just can't/don't want to stay up till midnight to see this stuff.  When will TV ever learn?

I don't usually agree with much David Poole has to say, but he certainly nailed the "LIVE" issue in this article:


Also, one of the reasons I haven't really watched the banquet the last few years is because the drivers were so robotic, simply reading their canned speeches from the telepromter.  Thankfully this year, many of them sounded much more relaxed and natural.  Surprisingly, it was the drivers in the bottom on the top 10 that sounded the best.  I was disappointed in Boywer and Biffle the most...Jeff Gordon absolutely cracked me up!  I am certainly not bashing him, but he sounded like he'd been drinking before his speech (which I have absolutely no probem with).  He was hilarious and I'm glad to see him feel comfortable enough to crack some jokes at the 48 team comparing them to his old Evernham-led team.   :laugh:

But that woman doing the announcing - ugh - what an annnoying voice!  When will BF and the suits get a clue that we don't need a fake "sexy" voice as announcer?  Allen Bestwick would've been such a better choice IMHO...Also, they told us the trophy girl was part of the Wood Brothers' family, but they never EVER even showed her all night long. 


Title: Re: Awards Banquet on ESPN Classic
Post by: Desmond on December 08, 2008, 06:05:03 PM
That "live" graphic certainly fooled me.  I thought the thing lasted until after midnight on the East Coast.

I also agree with Cheryl that Jeff Gordon was one of the best speeches of the night.  Carl Edwards was the other.

And comedian John Pinette was great!