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Title: TNT Coverage
Post by: Cheryl on June 04, 2008, 12:31:22 PM
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm certainly looking forward to the start of TNT's coverage this weekend.  They had a press conference yesterday and Claire had a lot of it on XM last night.  Lou heard more of it than I did, but the part I did hear sounded good.  They will have the "wide open" coverage of the Pepsi 400 again this year, so that's cool.  Bill Weber pointed out that he felt that was the way of the future in covering racing; that so many people have Tivo and the ability to "time shift" the races by recording them and then wait to start watching and ff'd through the commercials and still see the end of the race live.  Excellent point!  And I'm glad TNT is acknowledging that there are too many commercials.

Also, Wally and Kyle Petty said they try and be objective in their coverage and if they offered an opinion on an incident, that they wanted to make it clear it was their opinion only and not the gospel.  Sure sounds more open than certain people on Fox who want to make us believe their views of incidents were the only view. 

They also talked about if they ran out of time for a long post-race show, they would continue to interview more drivers and that content would be on the internet, probably NOL, but I missed that part.

They said a lot of other stuff, but I didn't hear it all or can't remember it, but I liked the aknowledgement that fans want to see racing and not commercials.  Remember the announcers and producers/directors have no control on how many commercials a network sells.

A lot of people called into XM to discuss Fox vs. TNT.  Almost unanimously everyone who called said they were so sick of DW this season!  They liked Mike Joy and some of the other aspects of Fox, but had all had enough of DW.

I know a lot of folks don't like Weber, but I'm okay with him.  Yes, I'd rather have Allen Bestwick, but that's not an option, so I'm okay with Weber. 


Title: Re: TNT Coverage
Post by: Desmond on June 04, 2008, 05:06:14 PM
TNT will also introduce something called RaceBuddy, which will effectively bring the race to computers with broadband connections.  It will include four in-car feeds and the capability for viewers to send video and pictures to the producers on site; some of the video and pictures will be used during the telecasts.

Also, TNT will air post-race coverage on NASCAR.com.  So these fans can go somewhere if the channel once again cuts to a vampire movie early. :)

More details:
http://dalyplanet.blogspot.com/2008/06/gentlemen-start-your-computers.html (http://dalyplanet.blogspot.com/2008/06/gentlemen-start-your-computers.html)

I should also add that there will no changes to the on-air talent lineup.