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Title: Cross Network Promotion?
Post by: Cheryl on March 01, 2008, 08:33:55 PM
This is the first time I can remember a Fox network (SPEED) actually telling us the Busch race will be on ESPN2 today.  Interesting...

Do you think that's part of the deal for SPEED to show Busch qualifying?  As long as they let everyone know the actual race is on ESPN?  Up til today, I thought it was like ESPN didn't exist for the Fox networks.


Title: Re: Cross Network Promotion?
Post by: Benson23Fan on March 02, 2008, 09:20:38 AM
Earlier this year DW was on NASCAR Now to promote the Daytona 500 which they mentioned was on FOX a few times. Also during the Nationwide race Jerry Punch said his "buddies" DW, Larry Mac and Mike Joy were going to call the Sprint Cup race tomorrow. Seems everyone is making an effort to be more friendly with each other this year.

Title: Re: Cross Network Promotion?
Post by: Desmond on March 03, 2008, 07:44:00 PM
I credit it to the new management of NASCAR Media Group.  I think Paul Brooks has returned as the CEO.  I know that Dick Glover left to join an online video service.  Anyway, someone there has convinced the TV partners that it is better for everyone to cooperate, and in return, we figure to see more coverage of practice and qualifying this year.

The test will come in September, when SPEED will have to pick up the coverage due to ESPN/ABC squeezing in race coverage during football season while also airing the Chase.