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Title: "Horse" Power of Another Kind
Post by: John on August 08, 2004, 05:49:02 PM
I'm just taking a break from my preparations for this upcoming weekend's "Napan Agricultural Show" where I am a director.  Part of my responsibilities include announcing the events that take place in the ring such as; Draft Horse Hitches, Horse Hauling, Tough Farmer Competition and other events.  

For the first time we are having a Lawn Tractor Rodeo and it is the only event out of the whole weekend that has an engine, steering wheel and 4 wheels and the President says I can't go in it!  Oh well.

I have a Low Powered FM Transmitter that I use to broadcast pre-recorded announcements and music.  I am in the process of recording those now on my computer.  At one time I wanted to get into radio, so this is about as close as I get.  As a matter of fact, what I am doing is very close to radio today with automation.  I would love a shot at doing MRN.  The few times I get to listen to them it's great to listen to, but we don't get MRN in Canada.

Here is our website if anyone is interested at looking at it:


Back to work.

Title: "Horse" Power of Another Kind
Post by: Cheryl on August 08, 2004, 06:05:08 PM
That sounds like a lot of fun, John!  Good luck!

Glad to see some of us are doing things that don't involve racing for once, but does have something to do with broadcasting.   :)   Good luck!