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Title: TWIN in NASCAR to Premierie Tonight
Post by: Cheryl on February 11, 2008, 09:15:49 PM
The show wasn't suppose to premiere until next Monday, but apparently it will be on tonight at 9 eastern.  If you get a chance, check it out and let us know here what you think about the new format.


Title: Re: TWIN in NASCAR to Premierie Tonight
Post by: Cheryl on February 12, 2008, 01:31:10 PM
I watched the show, but thought it was a total waste of my time!  I didn't think it was possible for SPEED to insert more commercials into this show, but they managed to do so.  It seemed like they had 3 minutes of the show and then 5 minutes of commercials.  I was so bored, I ended up dosing off a bit around 9:30-9:45. 

Other than that, it just came across to me more like another version of Trackside - fortunately without the obnoxious fans (though you could see a few in the background).  I understand this was just a special version taped at the track, so hopefully, the studio show will be better.  But the content was just so-so IMHO...too much taped stuff of prior year's races and an entire recap of last year's 500.  With so much video that wasn't really related to "this week," I kind of felt a little like I was watching NASCAR Nation.

I liked Byrnes as the host over Despain, but would still prefer Bestwick.  He did a good job, but the setting and all just made me think of Trackside (which I don't watch).

But overall, if this is the revamped show, I can't see me even bothering to record it in the future (like I'd done with IWCR ever since they moved it to 8 pm).  The 7 pm timeslot was so much better IMHO.


Title: Re: TWIN in NASCAR to Premierie Tonight
Post by: sally on February 12, 2008, 10:47:30 PM
I'm with you, Cheryl.  I thought it looked like just another of the 'Trackside' or 'Raceday' shows.  I realize that the garage was closed, and there had only bee Shootout practice and one 'race', but most of the fun came with the 'incident by incident' discussions from the panel.  Poor Reutiman was really out of his league there!  I don't know how it will be with Chad Knaus.  I think Bootie Barker would have been better, since he's never been afraid to speak his mind, whether it will make Nascar happy or not.  All in all, it was disappointing, but I'll give it a try when they get into the studio.


Title: Re: TWIN in NASCAR to Premierie Tonight
Post by: Desmond on February 13, 2008, 07:55:11 PM
This Week in NASCAR is much better than the old Despain version of Inside NEXTEL Cup.  Then again, anything would have been.  I agree that there is more room for improvement.

Title: Re: TWIN in NASCAR to Premierie Tonight
Post by: Cheryl on February 19, 2008, 01:48:37 PM
I watched about the half the show last night and then had to switch the channel.

I only tuned in because there was nothing else on in primetime and to see the final laps of the 500 again.  What I was greeted with for the first 15 minutes or so seemed like an infomercial for the California race to me.  "Previews" of it and then another recap of last year's race (like they did for Daytona last week).  I'm sorry, but who cares?  Obviously the networks and BF, I guess to try and fill seats or get people to tune in.  Hey, even the "highlights" of last year's race were boring. 

Finally they got around giving us a very few highlights from the 500, but then launched into a "recap" of all the SPEED highlights from Speedweeks.  I'm sorry, but I'd had enough of DW already and really don't think that Rutlege guy's antics were worth showing the first time, so that's when I changed the channel. 

If this is the best SPEED can do, it's just sad...Watching a depressing show on global warming was more interesting to me.


Title: Re: TWIN in NASCAR to Premierie Tonight
Post by: Desmond on February 19, 2008, 06:28:33 PM
I actually missed almost the entire show last night.  From your review, it doesn't sound like I missed much.

The only parts I saw were a recap of the 2007 California race won by Matt Kenseth and a highlight segment that included Rutledge Wood.

I understand that they did answer viewer e-mails later in the show.

To me, NASCAR Now, which now has a similar format on Mondays, was a lot better.  Coincidentally, the host was Allen Bestwick.

Title: Re: TWIN in NASCAR to Premierie Tonight
Post by: Desmond on March 04, 2008, 05:55:51 PM
Last night, I got to watch TWIN all the way through for the first time.  As I have written, it is nowhere near as good as ESPN2's NASCAR Now Monday edition. :(

Only Phil Parsons was in studio as the rest of the panelists were either "on vacation" or at the Phoenix test (Biffle).  Again, a heavy emphasis on next week's races and little discussion of the past weekend.  I don't think they even discussed the Nationwide (Busch) race at all.

On the other hand, the show was self-serving.  Heavy emphasis on the truck race, which SPEED will carry on Friday night, and another bunch-o-clips (new word?) from SPEED's fluff features that were taped at Vegas.  Yes, Rutledge Wood was on again. :(

There was one highlight: an interview with Jeff Gordon when Gordon was a rookie in 1993, in which he talked about his first full season as well his goals for the future.  Historic footage illustrated those goals and brought it full-circle into the present.