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Title: About Brian F.
Post by: old hot rodder on July 31, 2004, 03:57:18 PM
So why is it that so many of us dislike Brian France? While reading Mr. Henry's article, it occurred to me that he, like so many of us doesn't dig ole' Brian. Why not?
Besides all the obvious reasons, all the changes he has made in "our" sport, I think it is because he looks like he never got he hands dirty, never did any real work in his life. After all, he has a marketing background, not a racing resume'. The man simply is not a racer. Too bad.
What do you think?
See ya, D*** :(  :?:

Title: About Brian F.
Post by: sally on August 01, 2004, 12:02:43 AM
I think several of us have mentioned those escat points!  He's a bottom line man.  Period.  And a TV suck up.

Title: About Brian F.
Post by: Vivian on August 02, 2004, 03:46:58 PM
I decided I didn't like him when they held the big press conference to tell us about the points change.   :shock: When he said he didn't care (something that came out that way anyway-not a precise quote)what the fans felt or wanted and wouldn't base any changes on that, he just zeroed himself out as far as I was concerned.  He has gone on to prove that he is in charge and it will be his way period.  That is my opinion.  Also to me he acts like he is above it all and I see that in him everytime he talks.   :evil:

Title: About Brian F.
Post by: BAM24/25 on August 02, 2004, 04:12:58 PM
I am with you Viv.  When he said that we don't know what we want and that we will like the C4C it reminded me of my mother telling me I will like peas some day.  Well I am all grown up now and still hate peas and don't appreciate Mr.  France treating me like a child so to speak.  I don't like the C4C and never will. :evil:

And Mr. France will never be on my Christmas list. :D

Title: About Brian F.
Post by: sally on August 02, 2004, 05:01:52 PM
Amen, ladies!  Viv, I believe his comment was something like, "I'm not going to put my finger in the air to see what the fans want..."  or something similar.  I remember thinking at the time that I would be GLAD to put a finger in the air to tell him what I think, but it wouldn't be very polite!  And like you, BAM, I don't appreciate anyone telling me what I do or don't like, as if I'm incapable of making a decision for myself!
Sally :evil:

Title: About Brian F.
Post by: old hot rodder on August 02, 2004, 05:43:56 PM
Yep, I guess we don't like Brian very much, do we? I kinda forgot about that stupid remark he made. He may convince me to quit spending money on Nascar stuff yet.
 Sad part is, I think Nascar has more really good drivers now than ever before. Too bad to waste that talent. :(