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Title: Miller Lite vs. Budweiser
Post by: Cheryl on July 09, 2007, 07:27:41 PM
I found it extremely humorous that Miller Lite "bought" into the Wide Open coverage on TNT as a presenting sponsor and Bud did not.  I'm assuming that maybe Miller wrote some sort of exclusivity agreement into their deal with TNT.  And I'm sure Bud was expecting they would get enough coverage from the 8 car to more than make up for it (since it is one of the most shown cars every week).  But since the 8 car was wrecked early and uncompetitive, it wasn't shown much at all.  When they did show something from the in-car camera, I noticed the Budweiser logo wasn't really visible.  Somebody really dropped to ball on that or else that part of the car was damaged.

Either way, between Miller being a presenting sponsor and the 2 car running up front all night, I think the "beer battle" went to Miller at Daytona.  That's sure a switch.   :laugh: