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Title: Hooters USAR & Busch East telecasts
Post by: Vivian on June 21, 2007, 08:50:55 PM
Yesterday I taped these two races to watch last night.  The coverage of both was not too great.  I saw a lot of in car advertising Greased Lightening out of the back of a car.  Not even sure whose car it was now.  They had no scroll and did not keep us updated on who was where.  The Hooters skipped so many laps at different times I never even knew which lap they were on most of the time.  Both races were like that.  Both also kept replaying highlites from past races and talking about how a select few drivers had done at the other races.  It is broadcasts like these that makes one wonder whether or not it is worth taping or watching and tends to make one want to get back to the local tracks to watch.  I guess though that poor and little coverage is better than none.   ???