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Title: Truck Race SPOILER
Post by: Cheryl on May 27, 2007, 05:42:45 PM
Chevrolet beats rice burners in gas mileage!   ;D  Not that this surprises me at all.  The gas mileage of the rice burners is highly overrated these days. 

Jack Sprague sure was sour grapes after Setzer and the Spears team used outstanding strategy not to pit at all in the 250 lap race.  Over 100 laps of caution helped them to make it, I'm sure.  It was fantastic to see Dennis Setzer get his first win in almost two years!  I've always liked him a lot. 

Not much of a race really though.  I'm not sure why the trucks and ARCA can't race well at Mansfield.  USAR hasn't had a problem in all their races there.  I've heard rumors the track owner can no longer afford the steep NA$CAR sanctioning fee, so I doubt the trucks will be back next year.   I hate to see them on one less short track, but if they can't race any better than yesterday, it wasn't much of a loss.


Title: Re: Truck Race SPOILER
Post by: Desmond on May 29, 2007, 05:07:32 PM
250 laps.  No pit stops.  One winning truck.  WOW!!

Maybe we should ask Dennis Setzer for gas-saving tips for all of us who drive our everyday cars.  (OK, not me personally, but everyone else.) :laugh: