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Title: Family Reunion
Post by: Desmond on July 05, 2004, 08:53:15 AM
I have not been at the forum for the last several days because I have attended a family reunion for the mother's side of my family.  This event took place last Thursday through Saturday in Denver, Colorado.

I don't know if you've ever attended one of these, but I will walk you through what happened with us.

First of all, the reunion honors six brothers named McMillon who settled in DeSoto Parish in Louisiana.  All of them were pastors at one time or another, so faith is a central theme of the reunion.

On Thursday, a welcome reception was held in the host hotel.  It was the first chance for the estimated 150 attendees to meet and talk to each other.

There were two events on Friday.  The first was a picnic and party.  What happened was what you would expect--food, games and a good time.  That was followed by a church service that replicated the services that the McMillon family has organized for decades.  It was a spontaneous free-for-all compared to the structured services I sometimes attend at a "megachurch" in Los Angeles.  Still, it is the same expression of faith.

The last thing was on Saturday night, when a formal banquet was held.  Amidst the food was a presentation from representatives of the families each of the six brothers that are at the heart of the reunion.  My mother, for example, shared how sales of Avon was giving her extra money.  Others had children who are at college or high school.  One attendee is even studying nuclear medicine (no kidding!).

One final note: I try to avoid mentioning the B.W. site whenever possible, but I want to note that I included a family reunion in the narrative about how his career developed.  It is symbolic of both the unlikely "start" to his career and how much traditional values mean to him.

In a small way, family reunions represent the set of values that has helped make NASCAR as popular as it has become.

Title: Family Reunion
Post by: Vivian on July 05, 2004, 08:30:27 PM
Desmond, I wondered where you were.  Sounds like you had a great memorable time.  Lots of memories for you to treasure. :)