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Title: He Gets it!
Post by: sally on February 22, 2007, 02:43:53 AM
A left coaster who gets it!



Title: Re: He Gets it!
Post by: Lou on February 22, 2007, 01:13:05 PM
He was spouting all the words I hear in my head everyday - right up to the point where he wants to shorten the races.

"Back in the day" before the changes and BF, when the racing WAS exciting, the races were just as long or sometimes longer and nobody clamored for shorter races. Shortening the races because people are bored is a result of bad racing and the length of the races is NOT the problem that needs fixed.....

Other than that, he sounds like a very smart man :-)


Title: Re: He Gets it!
Post by: Cheryl on February 22, 2007, 01:47:32 PM
A left coaster who gets it!

Yes, but he's been covering NASCAR for 30 years, so he sounds like he's not the "new" media out there.   ;)

I'm with Lou, he had me until he dared suggest shortening the races.  Yes, nobody wants to see 500 boring miles, but then no one wants to see 50 broing miles either.  Shortening the races isn't going to make "the product" any better; they'll just be less of it and yet the ticket prices would continue to rise.


Title: Re: He Gets it!
Post by: Desmond on February 22, 2007, 06:09:05 PM
Thanks, Jim, for proving that I am not alone in this part of the country.  Like Cheryl and Lou, I don't care how long the races are, as long as they are interesting and as long as the drivers and teams are allowed to show their talents.

Title: Re: He Gets it!
Post by: cowboy271 on February 23, 2007, 01:26:09 AM
Sally, thanks for the link.

I don't know about shortening the races.  In the old days they seemed to be more exciting but then a lot of other things were more exciting when I was younger.  It appears to me that attention span is like bell curve related to life.  As a baby it's about 30 milliseconds...approaching middle age it may be five minutes and in old age it approaches 30 milliseconds again.  I wonder if thay's why grandparents and babys get along so much better?  Anyway, as Lou and Cheryl both implied, if it's an interesting and exciting product; you don't care how long it lasts.  I can recall (in the not too distant past) sitting on the edge of my seat for an entire race.  Recently, I've set an alarm for 30 minutes before I anticipate the end of the race just in case my eyelids slam shut.

As far as shortening races, they could shorten California, Pocono and Indy to fifty laps and that may improve the racing or at least help me sleep better that night without my race time nap.

Title: Re: He Gets it!
Post by: Vivian on February 23, 2007, 01:48:41 AM
It was a good article.  I am not sure about the part on shortening the races.  It is not the length of the races that make them boring, it is the lack of racing nowadays.  I still blame much of it on the aero of todays cars.  Although most of us think the COT is going to be a disaster and it looks like crap to most of us, it may improve the racing some.  That is something we still have to wait for and see.