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Title: Tank Johnson
Post by: Desmond on January 29, 2007, 07:04:25 PM
What do you think of this?

Chicago Bears defensive lineman Tank Johnson is being allowed to play in Super Bowl XLI this coming weekend.  The judge hearing the case allowed an exception to a condition that he not leave the state of Illinois while he is awaiting trial on charges of possessing unlicensed firearms.  Johnson, I understand, has other legal problems in his past, and his bodyguard has been murdered.

Some people, including ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd, cannot understand why Bears fans would still root for him.

Personally, I wouldn't root for Johnson either, but then again I'm a NASCAR fan and I take these things very seriously.

There is also the separate issue of special favors.  Is Johnson allowed to follow the Bears on a trip he was not supposed to go on, only because he stars for the local National Football League team?