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Title: Petty to TNT?
Post by: Benson23Fan on January 21, 2007, 12:31:46 AM
From Jayski

Petty to TNT? to run less races: hearing that Kyle Petty, driver of the #45 Petty Racing Dodge, will be part of the TNT broadcast crew that airs six Nextel Cup races in June and July of 2007 and that Petty would not drive in some or all those six races, being replaced by another driver, no idea who that driver may be. Bill Weber will return as TNT's play-by-play announcer and Wally Dallenbach returns as a race analyst.(1-20-2007)

I'm really sad it won't be Benny but I really do like Kyle as an announcer and hope this is true.

Title: Re: Petty to TNT?
Post by: cowboy271 on January 21, 2007, 04:15:28 AM
Interesting article.  I've heard Kyle doing some broadcast work on either the Busch or Truck series and he's good.  He seems more interested in describing the action to the fans rather than hyping himself.  I hate the former driver's who precede every comment with "I".  My other thought..why now and so quick?  Petty seems to be coming back and I don't see a "development driver" on the horizon.  Is there a sponsorship problem?

Title: Re: Petty to TNT?
Post by: super61 on January 21, 2007, 11:11:25 PM
petty racing has struggled to keep sponsorship on the #45. There were a few races last year with no names on the quarter panels. SO it was no surprise to hear Kyle would be in the booth for a few Cup events this year. I really can't see them going to a one car opertation, but until they put someone who can win in the seat, unfortunately, the big sponsor bucks will not come anytime soon


Title: Re: Petty to TNT?
Post by: old hot rodder on January 22, 2007, 04:29:34 PM
I think that Kyle does a nice job in the booth.
Frankly, I hope tha Bobby is able to win a couple this year and boost Petty's stature with sponsors.

Title: Re: Petty to TNT?
Post by: Desmond on January 22, 2007, 06:59:33 PM
I would give Kyle Petty a shot, also.

Ideally, TNT would keep an empty chair in the booth to honor Parsons' legacy, but I know that's not realistic.