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Title: The driver who was a ballerina
Post by: Desmond on November 17, 2006, 05:43:12 PM
PlayMania is an interactive game show on the GSN network.  During the overnight hours, six days a week, callers come on the air and answer questions for prize money.

Among the mini-games on PlayMania are survey questions.  On Thursday night/early Friday's show, contestants were asked to name a famous person or character named Bill or Billy.

A caller named Kenny came on the air and guessed Bill Elliott.  The host, a British woman named Mel Peachey, asked who he was.  Kenny said that he was a NASCAR driver.  When the answer was checked, Kenny got credit for a correct answer.  But everyone looked confused.  Why?

Because the name that appeared on the screen was "Billy Elliot."  Billy Elliot was a fictional ballerina who appeared in an avant-garde film a few years ago.  However, due to the apparent chaos, no one bothered to tell Kenny that he was, technically, incorrect.

Then again, I have watched the show before and I've heard all sorts of things about it, like how some of the winners are never paid their prize money. :evil:   Also, the survey answers can be weird.  The same survey I have just quoted left out Bill Clinton and Billy Joel, among other celebrities.

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