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Title: Maybe NASCAR should try this
Post by: Desmond on November 03, 2006, 05:36:18 PM
Again, from today's Los Angeles Times:

"What's interesting about the TBS telecast [of Saturday's college football game between Oklahoma State and Texas] is that it will be essentially commercial free. Philips Electronics bought up all 33 minutes of commercial time for the going price of $2.5 million but will not run any traditional commercials.

You'll see Philips' name throughout the game but no commercials.

Game commentator Charles Davis said that, besides not getting any bathroom breaks during each half, he and play-by-play Ron Thulin shouldn't have any problem filling the airtime.

"We always talk during the commercial breaks anyway," he said."

I should note that we see a lot of similar "billboards" during the NASCAR broadcasts in addition to the normal commercials.