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Title: Sportscasters behaving badly
Post by: Desmond on October 20, 2006, 06:07:03 PM
Ray Dunlap (see TV Talk) is one of three sportscasters disciplined this week.  At least he still has a job:

*Baseball analyst Steve Lyons was fired by Fox Sports for remarks perceived to be insensitive toward Hispanics during the American League Championship Series.  Previously, Lyons had insulted a visually-impaired man and had criticized outfielder Shawn Green for taking a day off because of the Yom Kippur holiday.  However, the Los Angeles Dodgers, for which Lyons has also been an analyst, have decided to retain him, and he could join the new national package on TBS which starts next year.
*Lamar Thomas, a former defensive back for the University of Miami, was fired by Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast for his seeming endorsement of a massive brawl between players from Miami and Florida International University at Saturday's meeting of the teams.  Thomas even challenged the players to continue the fight in the parking lot after the game! :oops:   Thomas was the color analyst for the game, shown on a regional sports network available only to cable subscribers in the region.

Both Lyons and Thomas have defended themselves in media interviews since their firings.