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Title: Max Papis
Post by: sally on August 12, 2006, 10:34:28 PM
I watched Max Papis on Trackside last night, and thought he paid Nascar drivers a tremendous compliment.  When they asked why he wanted to come race in Nascar (besides the $$, I assume), he said it was because of the level of competition, and the people...fans and drivers.  He said the when he had a question, every driver he had approached was more than willing to talk to him and try to help, and he hadn't found that in any other racing series had been in.  That impressed me...from both sides of the comment.  And the fact that he proudle introduced his adorable 3 month old son Marco didn't hurt, either.


Title: Max Papis
Post by: Bryan Blanton on August 13, 2006, 05:49:20 AM
Does anyone who post here besides myself know that max papis's father in law was a very famous racecar driver himself his father in law is a 2 time indy 500 winner max married into a famous racing family.

Does anyone wanna guess who max's father in law is.

A little info on max he started out in formula one and just struggled there.

Max didn't become famous until he drove the momo ferrari in the 1996 24 hours of daytona.

And finished 2nd in his first race he almost won that race but a small problem cost them the win at the end.

He did really win in the 1996 12 hours of sebring too.

He won several races for ferrari in 1996.

In 1997 max got a call from toyota to drive an indycar in their brand new indycar program.

I'm not sure if max did well with toyota or not i think eventually he left toyotas to go run for bobby rahal's indycar team. And won 2 races with rahal.

I also think max has been in 2 indy 500s driving for eddie cheever.

Most recently max has been driving for team corvette in sportscar racing and has won several races with them.

Didn't max try and qualify for a nextel cup race last year in 2005 or maybe it was this year i can't remember.

Max is a pretty cool guy his nickname is mad max.

1 year before sportscar put a speed limit at daytona in the pit area i think max in his final pit stop in the 1996 24 hours of daytona came down the pit road at some people say 175 mph.

If it wasn't 175 he was flying.

Title: Max Papis
Post by: super61 on August 13, 2006, 02:10:59 PM
max'a father-in-law is emerson fittipaldi....

what do i win?

Title: Max Papis
Post by: sally on August 13, 2006, 02:45:34 PM
What do you win....let's see.  How about you're now just inside the 'top 10' in the race to the answer with a shot at auditioning for Jeopardy?


Title: Max Papis
Post by: Bryan Blanton on August 13, 2006, 09:34:59 PM
Yep that is the correct answer max's father in law is emerson.